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Are you a non-profit hosting a fundraiser?

Are you a business hiring entertainment for a party?

Are you a restaurant looking for a boost during the slow season?

    Call Us.

Are you looking for a hitman?

    Try somewhere else.


For over twenty years, the Vermont Theatre Company has been entertaining the New England area with murder, mystery and mayhem. We can entertain for small groups or over 100 people at each dinner. Many venues book us annually and have guests who come back for the fun year after year.


Each play has six suspects, a "law enforcement officer," and secret clues for the audience.  In between the dinner courses, clues will be revealed, accusations will be made, and fun will be had by all. While we provide the actors, there is plenty of room for audience participation. In fact, it is up to the guests to pay attention, ask questions, and help the detective figure out who to clap in irons!

For more information or to book us, send an email to

If you are interested in participating in the cast of murder mysteries, let us know.

Murder Mysteries: a poster with the Vermont Theatre Company logo at the top and a blood splatter in the bottom right corner.
The text reads: 
Murder for Hire
Murder Mystery Dinner Theater
Hire for a fundraiser or as pure entertainment.
Venue sells tickets and serves a three-course meal.
Murder suspects mingle with guests.
New clues are revealed between each course.
Guests vote on the final murder suspect.
Several themes are available.
For more information:


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